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eBay/Amazon Arbitrage Product Research Tool

Arbitrage Product Research Made Easy

Lootlister takes all the guesswork out of eBay/Amazon arbitrage product research by scouting your top competitors and uncovering their hottest selling products for you to list in your store. With this weapon you can ensure every product in your store has a high selling potential. Simply input the eBay seller ids you want to scout and let Lootlister do the rest! After grabbing the products you want, use one of our optimized listing templates and bulk list all of your items to eBay!

Multi Country Support

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Feature Rich to Make You Rich

Bulk Seller Scout

Input a list of eBay seller competitors to scout and export all of the data at once so you can save time and find more profitable items! Check profits, reviews, Qty sold, and More!!

Multi-threaded & Proxy Supported

This baby is fast, sophisticated, and super powerful. With the use of hundreds of proxies and multi-threaded pixie dust… you get the results when you want them.

Title Builder Tool

Not a fan of building out high converting eBay titles for thousands of listings one-by-one? We aren’t either! That’s why we have the bulk title builder tool silly..

Arbitrage Seller List

Don’t know where to start scouting for the juice? We have the lazy folks like you covered too! Use our arbitrage list of hundreds of sellers to get started fast!

Loot Listing Tool

After you hone in on the money makers, the Loot Listing Tool is all you need to get your eBay Listings online. Pick a template…set a few listing options...and you are golden!

Smart Filters

We pull in all kinds of nifty data you can use to filter and sort your results by. Profit, Amazon/eBay Reviews & Rev Score, Qty sold, weight, Prime?, Add-on? to name a few..

VERO Validation

Protect your eBay account using our VERO validation checker to ensure you don’t accidentally list a brand in eBay’s VERO Program.

Responsive Listing Templates

Choose from our library of mobile responsive eBay listing templates in the Loot Listing tool to create stunning high converting listings for all of your new products!

Time to Get the Loot!

We want your feedback

Got any suggestions for new features you would like to see? Hit us up! Also if you aren’t in the USA and want to help us beta test new countries drop us a line and we will get back with you.